I am seeking an MSN degree in Healthcare Systems Management to gain the skills and knowledge base to advocate for my patients on a higher organizational level than bedside nurse. I want to ensure my patients are consistently safe, treated with the respect and dignity they deserve and that they are delivered cost-effective care.

The role of the bedside nurse is vital, but the leaders who challenge, encourage and influence them have the potential to impact the lives of more patients as their contributions drive quality point of care delivery. Every nurse is a leader, but some will never realize their potential if not provided managers who encourage and challenge them. An MSN degree in management will give me the opportunity to develop knowledge and leadership skills to lead while helping others step up and be accountable for the quality of care they deliver.

With so many economic and sociopolitical factors changing healthcare at the national level, this degree seeking experience will be invaluable. I want to pursue my MSN degree so I can be an articulate informed leader who understands healthcare delivery systems and how what I do fits into the health care system at large. I choose the Loyola University online program because it will be invaluable to gain the perspectives of those outside my region.

My MSN degree program will bring challenges, new experiences and tremendous personal and professional growth. As a marathon runner, I know every mile does not bring fanfare, but the finish makes it all worthwhile. It does not necessarily mean more money or prestige, but advancing my education will further equip me to be an agent of change. I am ready!