Application for Scholarship Assistance for Master in Nursing Science Program

I am Henrietta Okoro, a Catholic nun (Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus) from Nigeria, Africa. I was sent to the United States of America on mission and to better my education.

Africa is classified as a third world Continent where poverty and lack of medical care is one of the leading causes of death of the people. Secondly, the epidemic of HIV/AIDS has claimed lots and lots of life due to lack of medical care and money. My goal of coming to the nursing program - becoming a nurse, is to be well-informed and to help the less privileged of the society, by providing them with good healthcare and to help in enlightening them as much as I am able to.

As a nun from a poor nation, money is a big handicap for me to attend my academic goals since I need money to pay my fees, buy my books, as well as take care of my medical, feeding, housing, and other pertinent bills. To realize my dream, I am applying for scholarship assistance which will go a long way to ease my financial burden; as a result, enable me to help the less fortunate of the society.

My vision after graduation is to return home, and with the help of some privileged people in my society and also with the help of some foreign charitable organizations, I will establish a not-for-profit clinic/centre where HIV/AIDS victims will receive free medical care, as well as create awareness about this dreaded disease HIV/AIDS. This, I believe, will help to reduce the mental and physical agony or trauma that this illness brings to many people.

I humbly solicit for your assistance and support to enable me achieve my academic goals and desire.

Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,

Sister Henrietta Okoro HHCJ