Developing Leadership in Nurses at Loyola University New Orleans

I am writing this letter of intent to express my interest in the scholarship for the MSN-HCSM program through Loyola University New Orleans. I have been aspiring to be part of Loyola University's Graduate School of Nursing as a student for a long time now since I am aware that Loyola University strives to provide the best clinical practice, education, and research for the students and community.

I have completed two master degrees in business and public administration with concentrations in health care, human resources and general management. My goal is to pursue a MSN degree with a concentration as a nurse executive with the intention to move into a hospital administration role. I believe that Loyola University will provide me with the academic knowledge necessary to transform into the role that every nurse is a leader.

I am a military spouse and I'm working full time as a RN on the Medical/Surgical floor at Mayo Clinic. It has become unmistakable to me that selfless service is the essence of the nursing profession. While volunteering and being employed at Mayo Clinic I have been privileged to meet some of the most capable and knowledgeable nurses in the medical field. I have gleaned the techniques and technical aspects of superior patient care from these gifted nurses through the actions of teamwork, communication, and integrity for the patient and the field of nursing. My learning experiences made my conviction of pursuing a career in the nursing profession stronger and more focused. These experiences will transfer over to my academic learning experience at Loyola University and serve as examples of superior patient care by making sure the needs of the patient come first.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of Loyola University New Orleans student body and culture.