Final puzzle piece

To some, nursing is simply a job, a way to earn a living. To me, nursing is an extension of my healthcare education and experience that gives me the opportunity to make a patient's and their family's life better. Nursing isn't simply caring for the patient while they're sick, it's also an opportunity to support and educate the patient so their recovery is faster and more permanent. Being a nurse also gives me an opportunity to be a leader in a healthcare environment that is starving for smart, educated, driven professionals who are eager to take on the leadership roles that will shape the future of the American healthcare infrastructure.

That's why I made the decision to get a Master's degree in Healthcare System Management. Obtaining the necessary tools needed to be a nurse leader and learning how to best use my education and experience to provide leadership and guidance to other professionals working with me. Loyola's MSN program distinguished itself in my eyes by being unique in the way it approaches the educational process. The school understands that in the today's world, an online format is not only convenient, but it also is designed to make the use of technology and modern communication methods more second nature.

Having the knowledge and understanding of how a healthcare facility functions from within will be vital in my pursuit of a role in our healthcare system that gives me the opportunity to make real changes. Graduating with the HCSM degree from Loyola University will be the final piece of the puzzle that I started putting together 17 years ago when I wrote down "Science/Pre-med" on my freshman college survey where it asked what I wanted my major to be.