A Loyola University MSN

Obtaining a MSN from Loyola would mean many things to me, both professional and personal. Personally, I am at a stage in my life with my children grown, that I have begun contemplating what is next for me. In deciding to take my nursing career to the next level my research led me to Loyola. The Health Systems Management MSN seems the perfect fit for my career goals. The curriculum is designed to prepare me for the most challenging new roles in the changing health care environment and to enable me to find my place in this challenging and changing environment. The pride and confidence that I will get from being a Loyola graduate will propel me into the next stage of my career and my life.

I believe in advancing the education of nurses and Loyola University is doing just that with defined learning outcomes and academic integrity. It is my goal to give back to nursing by being involved in some level at a school of nursing. A MSN from Loyola will prove that I am up to the task of educating and therefore empowering future nurses. The advancement of nurses and the nursing profession should be the goal of all nurses in these changing times. There are many gaps in healthcare that can and should be filled by nursing and nursing services. Loyola University recognizes the strength and power of nursing as evident by their belief that "Every nurse is a leader". A MSN from Loyola University would give me the academic credentials, the wisdom, and the ability to be a positive force in nursing and the health care environment. It is my hope to make Loyola proud by becoming a strong alumni and nursing leader.