Being a great nurse has been my ambition since graduating from the High School of Health Careers, a magnet school in St. Louis, Missouri. Since that time I beat the odds by returning back to school and obtaining a Bachelors degree in my 30's. Currently I have over 20 years of medical experience, including over 16 years of military service. Dedication to family, faith community, and my country are among my top priorities, and it is these motivators that push me to achieve more in my career.

Last year my husband retired after 24 years of military duty. Since that time we moved 4 hours, to a small town in Northern Wisconsin. This more family friendly area provides more opportunity for our two teenage boys, and allows for my husband to help care for his 84 year old mother. However moving came at an expense and a drastic drop in income. During the past year my husband had a difficult time gaining full time employment. I returned to previous place of employment at the VA hospital in Madison, which is 4 hours from my current home. In addition to being away from my family for work, I have been deployed with the military for over 9 weeks, so far this year.

In order to support my family, further my nursing career, and return to a job close to home and family, higher education is required. This scholarship along with the GI bill will assist with my financial obligations for gaining education. The online program through Loyola provides the flexibility I require to achieve my education goals. It is my hopes that after graduation I begin a career as a clinical nurse manager.