My Nursing Mission - From Personal Calling to Population Health

My journey with nursing began when one of my four children was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. My thirst for knowledge about diabetes and inspiration from students at the junior college where I taught English as a Second Language led me to pursue nursing education. The combination of nursing/diabetes management and education became a passion and I acquired national certification as a diabetes educator, taking on leadership roles within my profession. Providing diabetes education for patients, clinicians, and providers broadened toward disease management focusing on individuals identified with disease and per-disease states. Using Evidence Based Medicine Standards I now provide education to clinicians involving six chronic disease states, develop education materials to modify risk factors, understand conditions for self-management, and promote compliance toward prevention of complications; ultimately reducing health care costs.

The courses offered in Loyola's HCSM MSN replicate values of health promotion essential for nurse managers as health reform ensues in our nation and world. This degree will allow me to be a valuable part of our healthcare system applying this material into the disease management model, one day instilling these principles and values in nursing students.

Always preferring to be on the giving side of life, I find myself in an awkward position as a recent sole provider making this scholarship extremely helpful in preventing delay of this next important step in my nursing career. My ongoing pursuit of excellence as a nurse leader within Population Health will be possible with this graduate degree from Loyola. I sincerely appreciate acceptance into the Loyola program and consideration of my scholarship application.