Nursing Journey to Inspire

Nursing has always meant 'comfort' to me. As a child I witnessed the chronic and debilitating illness of my mother. My maternal aunt, a Registered Nurse, provided comfort to mom and us. My journey into nursing began as a high school student in a Practical Nursing program and thus far, has lead me to the title of Registered Nurse, BSN prepared. My nursing experiences have included the roles of Charge Nurse, Rehabilitation Nurse and Instructor, as an LPN; and many roles as a Registered Nurse.

As a high school PN student, I was guided and encouraged by a inspirational group of teachers. I am thankful for Mrs. Moody's firm guidance and grip on my shaking hand, as I attempted my first injection on a pediatric unit. Her quiet, insistent yet supportive voice reminded me that the 'screaming' toddler was right to be afraid and that I should not be, that my uncertainty was increasing his fear of the inevitable.

My role as part-time instructor to Nurse Assistant students, was stimulating, frustrating and rewarding. The planning of course work and exams from an outline was stimulating; frustrating for not having sufficient guidance and supplies; and rewarding as I saw struggling students 'get it.' I learned to taylor my lessons to different levels of education and often realized that my teaching style and approach was that of Mrs. Moody. As the ten month course ended I was handed the rooster for my next class, I respectfully declined. I learned a lot about myself while teaching my students. I realized that I wanted additional education. I enrolled in school to become a Registered Nurse.

I have always believed that I would revisit the role of instructor and my MSN in Healthcare Systems Management, will better prepare me to continue that road to inspiration.