Nursing means I make a positive impact in someone's life every day!

It has been my great pleasure to serve in the many roles I have as a BSN prepared registered nurse for the past fourteen years. I have grown both personally and professionally since earning my degree and nursing license, and have strived each day since to serve as a positive role model and caring, patient advocate; to successfully collaborate with various healthcare team members in order to manage and promote patient health and wellness; to lead, by example, other healthcare team members to achieving academic excellence and professional accountability; to educate patients and other healthcare team members with innovative and relevant nursing research findings; and to aid in the identification of advancements in care that create productivity improvements and drive waste reduction.

An MSN with specialization in Health Care System Management degree from Loyola University would help me achieve all of these goals by assisting me to develop as a nurse educator and leader while our healthcare environment becomes more and more complex. Having been born and raised in South Louisiana my entire life, I know Loyola University to have an impeccable reputation. I would be proud to graduate from one of the most comprehensive, private universities in the New Orleans Metropolitan area. I feel that a Master of Science in Nursing Health Care Systems Management degree would also provide me with more opportunity for employment growth, a higher level of job satisfaction, and a brighter future for myself, my family, and my patients.