Pressing Onward

Since 1971, I practically eat, breathe, and barely sleep nursing. My mom was grandfathered in as an LPN on Henry Clay with the Sisters of the Poor. I've always admire her caring for those who were ill and I hungered for that knowledge of how to help them. Well, I found my "niche" in Cardiovascular Nursing but long to be knowledgeable in the "big Picture" (that being Health Care System).

After 16 years of nursing, I decided to obtain a Masters in Counseling and Ed at Loyola Univ. in N.O. as it was a vision to support my fellow nurses who were in "burnout". I thought I could relate better as a nurse and assist my peers in finding solutions and strategies to prevent and deal with burnout. Also to foster therapeutic sessions for stress management. Unfortunately a crisis caused me to abort my classes shy of 9 hours for my degree at the time. I have been attempting to return to a Masters Nursing program but financially unable to as my 3 children's education became priority.

I enjoy teaching patients as well as staff and the community on "Wellness and Prevention. I remain active in the Nursing profession and memberships in ANA, PCNA, AHA , AACVPR and beginning research. I am presently working in Cardiac Rehab and would really like the opportunity to earn a MSN in HCSM to be an asset in Nurses"ongoing drive to improve the wellness of our communities. I am also hoping to return to N.O. and share my knowledge and expertise there...once again as I did 23 years at Touro Hospital before Katrina and my displacement.

Thank you for affording me this opportunity.


Claire A. Mortimer BSN,RN-BC