Response to a Calling: My Exploration of Growth and Change.

The old saying "You don't know what you don't know", applied to me 26 years ago when I first became a new graduate. To me nursing is a calling; a social responsibility much bigger than myself. I was eager, excited, thinking I knew everything needed to be an RN. What a surprise and learning experience I encountered! Years later after a multitude of roles, experience, and maturity, I find myself "seasoned", but with the same principles and goals. As more and more healthcare demands an MSN to meet it's needs, I recognize the value of the MSN and thus examining a deeper level of understanding of my calling, my growth, community roles, and impact to the profession. This examination and missed opportunities led me to see what I don't know today, what healthcare demands, and actions I must take to obtain additional knowledge and expertise to successfully lead, teach, and facilitate change.

I am truly excited about Loyola's HCSM MSN. The program means many things to me that can be described as: Excellence, accomplishment, expertise, growth, leadership, and confidence. I chose to apply to Loyola because quite frankly, I trust Loyola and the program. From the curriculum, prestigious faculty, rankings and recognitions, to just being a part of the rich traditional history of Loyola nursing is a good fit for me both now and as a future alumni. I value the diverse holistic curriculum, and know the Loyola program is what I need to accomplish my personal and professional goals as a leader, an educator, and change agent with interests such as community and industry diabetes health promotion programs.