Value of a Master's from Loyola

Earning my Master's in Nursing at Loyola in Health Care Systems Management would be a dream-come-true! I have been blessed to work in a challenging clinical setting for many years, mentored by dedicated, well-prepared nursing leaders. Nursing is my heart. There is nothing better than to bring comfort, encouragement, or hope to others. Now, as I assume a more prominent leadership role, I am eager to protect and share the legacy given me by my role-models. Healthcare changes are occurring so rapidly, and I know that the graduate course of study at Loyola will prepare me to understand and adjust to those changes.

My new role is Quality and Compliance Manager in Thoracic Transplant Services at a large hospital. I am eager to study new, creative, and efficient methods of measuring quality outcomes, and to weave the threads of quality management throughout the program. The Quality umbrella overshadows all aspects of our work planning, direct patient care, education, and rehabilitation. By learning about new concepts and new tools, I can help our team provide the best care to our patients and their families. In addition, new concepts and skills related to systems management will held develop a resource-sensitive way of thinking and planning throughout the service line.

Thank you so much for your consideration. From a personal standpoint, I am really excited about obtaining my degree from Loyola, and not just because of the curriculum that seems a perfect fit for me. My husband is from Louisiana, and I have grown to love the state. The opportunity to earn my Master's from Loyola would be lagniappe!


Susan Bourgeois, RN