What It Takes

The field of nursing captivates and provides me with a unique setting that engages my compassion, therapeutic communication, and critical thinking skills. I am grateful that I am part of a profession that fuels my desire to be a life-learner and also one that provides an endless set of challenges requiring a proficiency in problem solving. This profession lets me put forth my best individual effort while being a valued team member working toward common goals. My ultimate objective is to bring quality care and services to a diverse community.

Additionally, with health care an ever-important national topic, the unavoidable changes the industry faces necessitates motivated individuals to participate in the development, improvement and implementation of new nursing practice and policies. The MSN in Health Care Systems Management will further my career by allowing me to be an active participant in the changing health care landscape. This degree will give me a better understanding of the complex associations between health care law, policy, ethics and practices, as well as insight into the delicate relationships between healthcare providers and consumers.

Most importantly, the degree combined with my clinical experience at a recent Lantern-Award winning hospital, will serve as a strong foundation to lead other nurses in my quest to provide excellent care and assistance to those in need. I understand the unique conditions nurses face in dealing with a multicultural, economically diverse population. On completion of this program I believe I will have the requisite skills to assess, plan for and evaluate the needs of a given community.