MSN-HCSM Scholarship Entry for Serelda Young

I am writing to apply for the Master of Science in Nursing with a

specialization in Health Care Systems Management (MSN-HCSM) program

scholarship. My nursing career has been an awesome adventure. I have been

blessed with diverse positions in health care that have kept me learning new and

interesting things. I graduated from Charity Hospital School of Nursing in 1984

and still have an insatiable appetite for knowledge.

I returned to school at Loyola in 2006 pursuing my Bachelor of Science in

Nursing with great enthusiasm. When I received my degree in 2010, I knew I

wanted to attend graduate school but struggled with whether I should become a

nurse practitioner (NP) or stay in management. Although my first choice was to

obtain my MSN, I opted for the NP program because I wanted to obtain my

Doctorate of Nursing Practice. However, with career choices made and the

opportunity for growth in my current position, the MSN-HCSM will provide me

with a more global scope and exceptional marketability.

I am a nurse to the core and take great pride in my profession. It is

important for me to graduate from a reputable institution and Loyola is well

respected in the professional nursing arena. The Loyola MSN-HCSM program has

proven itself a successful online education program that produces advanced

nursing leaders. I am very excited about my return to Loyola.

With my MSN-HCSM from Loyola, I will be better poised for success. My

immediate plans include obtaining the Commission for Case Manager

Certification in 2013 and my Master of Science in Nursing in 2014. My future

goals include: (a) transitioning into leadership roles in Case Management, (b)

becoming Certified in Executive Nursing Practice, and (c) receiving the American

Case Management Association’s Accredited Case Manager certification