MSN Scholarship

Nursing is the ability to care for another human being after listening to their words, observing their body language, reading their facial expressions, and combining a systemic objective nursing assessment to help meet their needs. People inherently have confidence in me because I am a nurse, and I am privileged and entrusted with their concerns and issues. Nursing means that I am accountable and responsible to support their needs and promote their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Earning an MSN would be the culmination of a dream and a life-long ambition. I was in a BSN program in 1977 and had to withdraw in my senior year in 1980 for personal reasons.

After starting a family and while working full time, I went back to school in 1990 and from the bottom up, earned an Associates in Nursing in 1992, a Bachelor's in Health Management in 2001, and a Master's in Health Administration in 2007. Flexible on-line nursing programs were not as prolific as they are now, and my academic pursuits had to fit in with my work and family activities. I continue to explore ways in which I could finally earn an advanced nursing degree, and it would be a dream come true to be enrolled in a prestigious Jesuit university like Loyola.

An MSN would create so many more opportunities for me to continue to serve others, in ways that I believe could be affected from an administrative and policy perspective. Well-rounded educated leaders are needed in health care now more than ever, especially those who can think and see from a large-scale view. I have that ability, and would deeply appreciate the possibility of combining my talents with the important credentials of an MSN. Please consider me for this scholarship as would significantly assist in this goal.