Nursing is My Only Profession

I am Kimberly A. Giles-Sheriff, RN, BSN. I consider nursing to be not only my profession, but my ministry as well. Obtaining my masters will help me to achieve many goals. My goals include improving upon the care that I provide to my patient and the knowledge that I share with my colleagues and those coming after me in nursing. In obtaining my masters, I hope to develop management skills that will make me more marketable for future job advancement. It is also my goal to someday return to the classroom as an instructor, to be the kind of instructor to prepare future nurses to not only have what it takes in the mind, but in the heart as well. I believe that obtaining my masters is the first step to achieving these goals.

As a part of my nursing mission, I also serve as leader of the Health and Wellness Ministry at my church, where I seek to provide health tips to maintain good health and to improve poor and where possible prevent decline in health for the members of my church and the surrounding community through education. It is my belief that obtaining my masters will help me to be more efficient in carrying out the duties and goals of this ministry.

Finally, obtaining my masters will give me a since of accomplishment that will serve to show my children and those that I mentor that anything is possible with faith, hard work and endurance. I am willing to continually work hard to achieve this goal. I have shown this before in the hard work and effort I put into obtaining my BSN. I believe the sky is the limit, obtaining my masters is the next step. I was born to be a nurse, thank God for that.