Nursing's Meaning to me and HCSM impact on my career goals

Nursing's meaning in 2012 and in 1982 when I was a new nurse are so different. In 1982, it was "WOW, I am a nurse. How many people can I make feel better?" Two years later in ICU it became "look at me and how I take care of really sick people with what I have learned". Now in 2012 it is "how can I help other nurses to feel that initial WOW factor all over again, and be able to say they have self pride and respect for their accomplishments while still taking care of really sick people"?

The change factor to help nursing be seen as a profession is education.

With my MSN, I can provide education, suggestion for change, leadership to create a difference in what is being provided and the ability to know how to present ideas for nursing in a manner acceptable to leadership so they will support education and encourage staff to pursue it. I want to help management realize extra dollars spent in education now provide for positive healthcare outcomes in the future...the short term loss is worth the long term gain.

With the information I attain completing the MSN program, I hope to be better able to support my suggestions and present them in a manner demonstrating knowledge which will lead management to acceptance. The multi faceted focus of the HCSM will allow me to address healthcare issues from different angles and not only a nursing focus. I will have information to relate learning and education to dollars and cents, short and long term healthcare outcomes and improvement processes.

I will have the confidence to guide management as it helps its nurses return to the WOW factor and realize their self worth and how much impact they have on healthcare.