Scholarship Essay

Nursing is the physical and mental care of patients and their families. Part of helping a patient heal is also helping his or her family who is often the support system upon discharge. To me, nursing is establishing a professional relationship in which patients feel comfortable and confident in the care I provide to them. Part of my care is to ease hospital fears and promote holistic recovery of the patient.

From childhood I knew I wanted to be a nurse after helping my grandfather who was quadriplegic. I admired my grandmother and the nurses who helped him with daily activities. Recently I lost my father to renal cell carcinoma and I saw the nursing profession from a different prospective. I saw many changes that needed to be made for better patient care and family support.

Seeing nursing from the prospective of a patient's daughter enhanced my passion to be a leader. I saw both the good and bad sides of the healthcare organization. I feel as though pursuing my masters in nursing and emerging as a leader I can be a mentor to my peers and introduce ideas to promote satisfaction. I believe as a leader, one has to be fair, promote solutions for positive outcomes, and be empathetic to the feelings of coworkers and the patients to create a balance within the organization.

A Masters of Science in Nursing with a Healthcare Systems Management specialization will help me to reach my goals in the nursing profession. This degree will allow me to advance to a position where I will serve as a mentor between front-line staff nurses and the hospital administrators to improve the quality of patient care, teamwork among staff, and satisfaction in the nursing field.