Scholarship Essay

As a Program Manager for the Army I have been a part of a culture all of its own, with leadership and organization at its core. I have come to realize that the Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage are the same attributes the pioneers in the profession of nursing also possessed and are the traits the profession still craves as more emphasis is placed on higher education for nurses in management roles. My goal is to take these lessons learned from my variety of experience, further my education, and continue to exhibit these values as a nurse leader and promote positive patient outcomes in an efficient and effective health care system.

I was initially attracted to Loyola University due to its broad curriculum, convenience of online course work, and long standing history of excellence. While these points caught my initial attention, the inspired vision for the University's mission statement "to find God in all things", sealed my decision to apply. This called upon a value that has been instilled in me by family and church throughout my life. The variety of programs offered, not only in intellectual academics, but also spiritual academics and community service demonstrates the holistic approach to education and experience that I am searching for in a university.

Receiving an advanced degree from a university with Loyola's characteristics of faith, integrity, and history of excellence would enable me to be a role model not only for peers within the profession, but also to my son. This accomplishment emphasizes the importance of not only pursuing higher level education but the importance of the journey in receiving that education. It would be an honor to receive a Master of Science in Nursing from Loyola University New Orleans.