The "Unofficial" Nursing Ambassador

I am proud to say that I am an "unofficial" ambassador for the nursing profession. Everywhere I go I am excited to talk about it to young people who are still contemplating on what career path to take and even to other professionals who are at a "crossroad" in their life. I tell people how nursing has evolved over the years and how it is not just confined to bedside care anymore. And they are amazed when I tell them that nursing has branched out to other disciplines and settings like research, home health, case management, education, informatics and leadership. But I do remind them of the hard work and basic elements needed: the compassion for other people, professionalism, people skills and flexibility. And aside from being financially rewarding, I tell people that nursing is personally enriching and soul uplifting.

My goal is to be a part of a hospital management or administrative team in order to have a wider effect on staff, patients, clients, and stakeholders through policy making and implementation. And for this to materialize I am energized and motivated to pursue a graduate program that will further enhance my capabilities of becoming an effective leader. And I believe Loyola University New Orleans with its Jesuit hallmark of education and foundation is the ideal training ground for me. The flexibility of this institution's Online Master of Science in Nursing is a perfect fit and works well with my professional and personal life. I like the idea that I can earn a degree while juggling the other facets of my life. I am aware of the opportunities and doors that would open once I finish the MSN with specialization in Health Care Systems Management. It would mean a professional advantage and the materialization of my leadership potentials.