What an MSN Degree from Loyola Would Mean to Me

I was extremely fortunate to discover Loyola's program while at the Magnet conference last year. I thought I would have to head toward an MBA with a healthcare focus; but, it just did not " feel" right, and I was not eager to pursue this path.

Loyola has the perfect program to help me achieve my goals. It is important to me to keep the "Nursing" title in my degree; first and foremost, I am a nurse. I knew I wanted to concentrate on the business piece of nursing and not many programs will give you both. Donald Berwick, MD said in his article, "Preparing Nurses for Participation in and Leadership of Continual Improvement", in the June 2011 issue of the Journal of Nursing Education, "Most graduates of most health professional educational programs suffer from considerable 'functional illiteracy' about the systems in which they work". Nurses need to be equipped to participate in and lead healthcare improvements. An education from Loyola will prepare me with the skills and knowledge required to be an agent for healthcare improvement. It is extremely important in our rapidly changing health care system for nurses to be competent in this area. Loyola offers classes that are relevant to our changing times. Loyola's program covers both nursing science and knowledge of the healthcare systems. With a degree from Loyola I feel I will be able to go forward with my career, accomplish my goals, and not be "functionally illiterate".

Nurses are in an excellent position to improve healthcare due to their unique training. At Loyola I will receive the education needed in order to facilitate healthcare improvement. This is what a Master's of Science in Nursing from Loyola means to me.