What An MSN of Nursing Degree From Loyola Would Mean To Me

It would be an honor and a proud achievement on both a personal and professional level to earn the Master of Science in Nursing from Loyola University New Orleans. As a single parent I have had to place my desire to continue my nursing education aside for other obligations. To further my nursing education and to have a degree from Loyola would open new doors for me and allow me to further contribute in a variety of professional pathways.

Loyola is unique in the online community because of its established academic excellence and reputation in combination with its Jesuit tradition of ethical worldview behaviors. This uniqueness draws me to Loyola as the university encompasses all the conveniences of an online degree, which is important to me as a full-time RN, with the strong academics and excellent instructors and professors of a university with an established sterling reputation.

I believe Loyola's program would train me to serve in a variety of leadership and managerial capacities in a wide range of health care settings. I believe strongly in Loyola's commitment to serving the people of the world, and taking the knowledge gained towards patient education, prevention of illness and creative problem solving in an ever changing health care environment.

The online learning environment would enable me to fulfill my dream of obtaining my masters degree and the scholarship would greatly help towards this goal. I appreciate that Loyola treats each student as important and feel that this applies to the online learning environment also. I would be honored to be a part of the tradition of excellence and world service that Loyola stands for.