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What nursing means to me....

I have been a RN for nine years. My mom often says I began my career as a young child always wanting to help fix the cuts and bruises on my brothers and sisters. I graduated from Jacksonville State University, in Jacksonville, Alabama. Out of nursing school I began working in a small local hospital. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina an opportunity became available for me to move to the New Orleans area and assist in the nursing staffing shortage. This changed my life. Not only did I grow and develop as a rather new RN, I formed some the most cherished memories and friendships that will last my lifetime. Most of these being patients and family members I came in contact with. Being a nurse has always been the most important accomplishments of my life. I often get asked by patients as a male RN why did I not go to medical school? My response is always “then I would have not been able to stay at your bedside and assist you in your recovery!” The nurse is the gatekeeper for all multidisciplinary involved in a patients recovery. Nurses are the glue that keeps everyone together. That “healing touch” that only a nurse can provide means so much to me.

As healthcare constantly changes, and “paid for performance” becomes the new standard, it is very important that we as nurse leaders educate ourselves. The Loyola MSN with a specialization in Health Care System Management will not only assist me in my current role as a clinical director, but also give me the needed tools to further develop as a Nurse Leader. In a BSN program the RN learns how to take care of patients and how to be future leaders, but it does not prepare you to manage budgets and monitor productivity. RN’s have the ability to work anywhere! In these administrative roles it is so important that we continue to develop our education and certifications. Thank you for considering me for one these scholarships.