Executive Leadership Practicum

NURS 965

This course consists of 180 clock hours of practicum experience. Students engage in practicum activities pertinent to a nursing or health care management role. A preceptor-mentorship model is used in which managers in health care organizations play a substantial role in facilitating the practicum. This course is designed for Doctor of Nursing practice students in the Executive Leadership track to fulfill their practicum hour requirements.

Note: Completion of the DNP requires completion of 1,000 hours of practicum. Every student is evaluated for up to a potential 500 contact hours in transfer, based on an assessment of practicum hours already completed and included in transcript (and sometimes syllabus request to student to enable accurate assignment of credit). For those students with a clinical master’s degree, it is likely that there are easily 500 hours to transfer. For those students with a non-clinical master’s, the number of practicum hours is generally less. This course is designed to add 180 contact hours and can be repeated as needed to meet the total number of practicum contact hours required.