Best Study Tips for Nurses

It’s not always easy to juggle a demanding job with coursework. In order to make this hectic lifestyle more manageable, nurses need to learn good study habits. From various learning styles to tips for success, below are a few helpful studying tips for nursing students to master their schooling while maintaining a work-life balance.

Study Strategies for Nurses Pursuing Advanced Degrees

Succeeding at nursing school requires adopting good study strategies. There are some basic good-sense techniques that will help all learners.

  • Study a little each day. Don’t leave coursework to the last minute. Break your learning down into small digestible bites.1 Even if you don’t have homework that day, review any notes or material you may not have understood before. Keeping a daily to-do list can help you organize your time.
  • Join a study group of nursing school students. In a group format, you can share notes and divvy the work up. Talking the material over with other students and quizzing a peer—and being quizzed—can be hugely beneficial.2 Loyola New Orleans’ online MSN program offers access to peer collaboration through online forums where you can be sure to find a study partner or two who are like-minded students.
  • Understand your learning style. This will allow you to adopt strategies specific to that style. There are four distinct learning styles: visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic. Identifying which kind of learner you are can help you choose the right study strategy.
    • Visual learners need to see information. If you are a visual learner, you should spend study time drawing illustrations and diagrams while reading. It’s also a good idea to underline and highlight text or even use a color-coded system.
    • Auditory learners need to hear information. Some students find that making up rhymes or watching relevant YouTube videos where information is discussed and summarized can be helpful.
    • Tactile learners need to touch information. These students may learn better through models of the human body or online computer programs designed to have students move pieces of information around on the screen.
    • Kinesthetic learners need to move their bodies. These students might benefit from walking around while studying. Case study and clinical practicums where students get to put their learning into action might also be good.

The Loyola University New Orleans School of Nursing has been preparing students and working nurses for vital leadership roles in the health care industry for more than 30 years. With the right study habits, you can excel in any of the college’s degree programs, even while working full-time. Request more information about the nursing programs here.

Riding the Future of Medicine 

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