Diane Scott, RN, MSN, ACC

Adjunct Professor
Diane Scott
Career Highlights
  • 25+ years of healthcare leadership experience
  • 10+ years of International leadership consultant working with healthcare, corporate, and world leaders
  • 10+years Executive Coaching experience

Ms. Scott has been a graduate-school faculty member at Loyola University in New Orleans since 2006. She received her Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh and her Master of Science (MS) in Nursing from Duquesne University. She then completed a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University in 2012, which she uses to expand her extensive leadership experience in the medical sector. Ms. Scott was the director of HCA Inc, CJW Medical Center in Richmond Virginia and also of the Cardiac Surgery, Cardiac Transplant, Lung Transplant, Artificial Heart Device and Thoracic Surgery Departments at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health System. She was the practice manager of the University of Pittsburgh Physicians Cardiology, and the performance and productivity project manager and implementation lead, and human resource specialist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health System.

Since 2005, Ms. Scott has served as an executive coach to world leaders, executives and consultants within the private, federal and university sectors through iOpener Institute for People and Performance, of which she is a founding member and global partner. As her goal with each client is to research and deliver increased performance and productivity, she brings considerable real-world experience to the table as she demonstrates how to be an influencer and leader. She’s worked with healthcare-service clients such as the Methodist Healthcare System, Catholic Health Initiatives, Iowa Clinic, Northside Hospital, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Corporate and federal clients include the Westminster Canterbury, Yahoo, Netflix, The McDonald’s Corporation, The United Nations, and Procter and Gamble.

“Failure is Impossible” my favorite quote from Susan B. Anthony

Courses Taught

711 Nursing Informatics
712 Nursing Financial Resources I
716 Health Care Quality and Safety
740 Health Care Systems
744 Nursing Financial Resources II
748 Human Resource Management

Published Works

Designing Safer Patient Rooms., December 2007, The American Nurse. National article describing innovations in safer patient rooms design.
Designing Better Work Spaces for Nurses and Patients. May 2007. Center for American Nurses. Brochure and resource guide for health care administrators working with newly designed or expanded buildings.
Going green with health care design. The American Nurse. March/April 2007. Article describing environmental healthcare design.
Designing Better Physical Environments for Today’s Nurse. Center for American Nurses. November 2006. White paper describing advances in evidence based design and healthcare.
Connecting Architecture with Nursing. Nursing in Virginia: March 2006. Innovative article describing architectural advantage of evidence-based design.
Designing Great Work Spaces for Nurses. ADVANCE for Nursing: June 2006. Nationally published with a distribution of 880,000 subscribers. Author of article describing evidence based design linking medical and architectural research to improve the design of healthcare spaces.

Additional Publications

Addressing the 2009 Joint Commission Leadership Standards on Conflict. Nurses First 1(3). Winter, 2009.
The Case for Resiliency. Nurses First 1(3). Winter, 2009.
Being a Self-Advocate for Your Professional Life. Nurses First, 1(1). Summer, 2009. Premier Issue addressing career mentoring for the professional nurse.
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Management Mentoring. Virginia Nurses Today: November 2005. Author of recurring column addressing nursing leadership issues.
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The Right Environment. ADVANCE for Nursing: May 2005: 7(12): 16-18. Featured cover publication depicting the creation of the highly successful Levinson Heart Hospital, Richmond, Virginia.


Certificate in Leadership Coaching, Georgetown University
MS in Nursing, Duquesne University
BS in Nursing, University of Pittsburgh