Karen L. Rice, DNS, APRN, ACNS-BC, ANP

Adjunct Professor
Karen L. Rice
Career Highlights
  • 35+ yrs healthcare leadership experience
  • 25+ yrs as Advanced Practice Nurse
  • 10 years as Nurse Educator (masters and doctoral)
  • Program of research focuses on improving clinical outcomes in hospitalized adults (delirium , acute pain)
  • 2014 Clinical Nurse Researcher Award by Southern Nursing ResearchSociety

Dr. Rice inspires students towards excellence in healthcare with her extensive leadership experience and award-winning research skills. As a system program director at the Ochsner Health System in Louisiana, she can demonstrate how graduate nursing coursework and research is applied in the nursing industry to drive innovations and industry improvement.

Dr. Rice is responsible for implementing several of her own innovations in healthcare. Recently these efforts provided the Center for Nursing Research’s internet site with two new resources. The newly-developed web pages provide easy access and standardization across the Center to help healthcare professionals practice evidence-based medical initiatives. The first page entitled, Do You Need Help With Evidence-Based Practice or Research?, contains a criteria checklist and presentation download. The second page, titled, The Journal Club Toolkit, provides a statistics guide and establishes quantitative & qualitative critique guidelines and review tips.

Dr. Rice extends her leadership and research skills as a DNP mentor for projects and research and as a scholarly reviewer for industry publications. Recent mentored projects include: Operationalizing a Just Culture Policy Using a Just Culture Decision Guide and Toolkit; Trialing an Evidence-Based Guided Meditation Project to Reduce Perceived Stress in Emergency Department Nurses, and Feasibility of Implementing a Diabetes Distress Toolkit to Improve Outcomes in Adults with Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes: A Quality Improvement Project.

Recent mentor research topics include: Exploring the Relationship Between Therapeutic Activities and Chemotherapy-Induced Anxiety; Diabetes Distress in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Hospitalized on Medicine Units; as well as A1c Outcomes in an APRN and Diabetes Educator-Led Multidisciplinary Diabetes Empowerment Program.

Currently, she reviews articles for BMJ-online (2013); American Journal of Nursing (2012); CNS Journal (2012); The Ochsner Journal (2011); The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing (2008); and MORE Evidence-Based Nursing (2007). She is also the associate editor to the Associate editor for Clinical Update Column (2012-2016) and now for the Research and Statistics Column (2017).

Dr. Rice is a current and long-standing member of several organizations including the: National League for Nursing (2011); National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (2009); Southern Nursing Research Society (2005); American Nurses Association (2001); Louisiana State Nurses Association (2001); Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Honor Society (1987), and the Epsilon Nu Chapter of STTI (1988).

Published Works

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Doctor of Nursing Science, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
MS in Nursing, University of South Alabama
BS in Nursing, Mobile, Alabama
Diploma in Nursing, Touro Infirmary School of Nursing