Advice from Former Students

No one can give a prospective student better insight into the program than former students. Take their advice from this short video.

Video Transcript:

ELIZABETH SANFORD-RICHMOND: It was, in many ways, as long as you maintained self-discipline, it was effortless.

JOE ALEXANDER: Learn to organize your time early because the sooner you get into that method, that system, that groove, the quicker that you're going to adapt and you're going to learn how to learn on your own. Not somebody teaching you, you're going to learn how to learn on your own, and that's what you have to learn how to master, that's the skill set that the new student has to master.

WARREN P. HERBERT: Connect with a classmate in the first class that you're in. Make friends with somebody online. Get their phone number, give them a call. Find out from that classmate what their experience has been like.