MSN Practicum: Applying What You’ve Learned

Watch faculty, preceptors, and graduates share details about the online MSN practicum.

Video Transcript:


SUSIE AMICK: The Practicum in the Loyola Masters of Science in Nursing Program Online is the culmination of all of the courses and classes that you've taken during the duration of your Master's Program.

JANE SAVAGE: The Practicum provides the student with the opportunity to apply the theory that they've learned. It also allows them to think outside their day to day practice.

KIM BRANNAGAN: It's very important that we remember that health care is not just in the four walls of the acute care settings, but it is in addressing our community.

SUSIE AMICK: I work very closely with my preceptor, who's a leader here at East Jefferson Hospital.

CHRISTIE BREWTON: Susie knows how to be a nurse. What I precepted her with was leadership.

SUSIE AMICK: It was a good fit. She was very interested in what I was recognizing happening within our hospital, and some of those newer concepts.

JANE SAVAGE: To find a leader that can impart the passion, as well as the knowledge, and the relevance of the practice is very important for that student.

CHRISTIE BREWTON: I took her to meetings with our CEO. She came to our weekly VP meetings.

SUSIE AMICK: They want you to do something that you feel is meaningful for your development as a leader, and as a nurse.

CHRISTIE BREWTON: I think it helps you grow and mature, in an avenue that maybe you didn't have that opportunity to before.

JANE SAVAGE: Our graduates are able to interact and lead an interdisciplinary team.

KIM BRANNAGAN: So it's bigger, it's broader than just performing that skill, or taking care of that patient. It's everything that goes into that.

SUSIE AMICK: This is what puts it all together, and lets you realize just how much you truly have changed during your MSN journey.