Flexibility and Time Management While Pursuing an Online MSN

Learn how other students in the online MSN program managed their time and found a life balance, even while engaging in a rigorous online program.

Video Transcript:

JOE ALEXANDER: When you're online, you're juggling your work, family, family activities, and those kinds of things, church and trying to go to school at the same time. But, once I got into a system and organized, then it became much simpler, much easier. My grades improved.

WARREN P. HERBERT: But, what I found in the online programs is that even traveling around the country on a regular basis, even though I've got five children and soon to be five grandchildren, but I've found from the stand point of the time management, that aspect of it has been much easier than I thought it would be and it has not, in my opinion, taken away a great deal of time from my family.

MICHAEL ARCHULETTA: My time management strategies as a student at Loyola, I felt that as before, I said that family came first and schooling came second and other things came along, but I felt it very easy to set up your schedule prior to the week starting so you know when your assignments were due, when papers were due, modules were due, assignments and so on. So, I felt it very easy to meet those deadlines if you set up your week prior to it starting.