Interacting with Students Across Borders

Hear what students have to say about learning with students from across the United States.

Video Transcript:

WARREN P. HERBERT: I think the thing that's been most surprising and rewarding for me, as an online student, is the opportunity to interact with nurses from across the country, and actually even in other parts of the world.

JOE ALEXANDER: You end up being really good friends with some of these people.

MICHAEL ARCHULETTA: I did find that you gain relationships past the classroom as students.

WARREN P. HERBERT: The peers that I'm in class with expose me to a much, much broader spectrum of information, topics, experiences in healthcare than the very narrow sliver that I've been exposed to. Oftentimes in the discussion groups that I'm doing online I've got an opportunity to interact with people from across the globe, certainly across the country.

But also what's been exciting is the reputation of some of the institutions that these folks are working for. Those of us who know healthcare well, the Mayo Clinic certainly is a name everybody recognizes. Cleveland Clinic is one of the leaders today in healthcare in the United States. A lot of people really don't know, but the VA is doing pretty extraordinary work across healthcare.

I have the opportunity not only to learn from my professors and learn from the good books and theory that we get, but actually learning the practical application that's going on in some of the leading healthcare systems in the nation has been a real value to me.