Meet Susie Amick – MSN-HCSM Graduate

Susie Amick, a 2014 MSN in Health Care Systems Management graduate, shares her experience in the online program.

Video Transcript:


SUSIE AMICK: My name is Susie Amick. I'm a lactation consultant here at East Jefferson General Hospital. I'm just completing my master's of science in nursing in Loyola University New Orleans Health Care Systems Management.


Having looked at several programs with master's of science in nursing, what I found was Loyola's program was not only flexible, it respected my former education, certifications, and experience. To be honest with you, online programs were quite scary. However, they were more personal than I expected online programs to be. I became more comfortable not only with the computer but also with the rapid responses of the faculty, almost feeling as though you were in a classroom setting. And with communicating with my peers, with my other students. By the third course, I was on a roll, and it continued until my completion.


The practicum in the Loyola master's of science in nursing program online is the culmination of all of the courses and classes that you've taken during the duration of your master's program.

JANE SAVAGE: I think the practicum provides the student with the opportunity to apply the theory that they've learned.

SUSIE AMICK: I worked very closely with my preceptor. She was very interested in what I was recognizing.

CHRISTE BREWTON: Susie is a very dedicated and loyal team member. She believes in what she does.

BARBARA CARSON: Susie was very excited about everything that she was doing. She came and told us every step of the way the programs that she was doing, the classes that she was doing, the people that she was meeting. And being able to form networks that are going to help both Susie and East Jefferson Hospital moving forward. They want you to do something that you feel is meaningful for your development as a leader and as a nurse.

KIM BRANNAGAN: I think that our students are better able to move from a direct patient care role to more of a systems role.

JANE SAVAGE: Which is very different from a nursing leadership or a nursing administration master's degree.

SUSIE AMICK: I put together doctor teaching doctor offices and information on infant feeding support and breastfeeding. Based on certain findings, I've been asked to revise and edit the program to go the next step so that it can be used as a template throughout the state and possibly the country.

JANE SAVAGE: Our graduates are able to interact and lead an interdisciplinary team.

KIM BRANNAGAN: So it's bigger, it's broader than just performing that skill or taking care of that patient. It's everything that goes into that.

SUSIE AMICK: This is what ties all the loose ends. This is what puts it all together and lets you realize just how much you truly have changed during the two to two and a half year period of your MSN journey.


JANE SAVAGE: The students at the time of graduation leave with confidence, a higher level of leadership skills, and a passion, a renewed passion for nursing. There's no doubt about that.

SUSIE AMICK: My leadership knowledge, abilities, and strategies have increased. I recognize my strengths, and I also recognize how to build the strengths of others in putting together committees.

CHRISTE BREWTON: By getting her MSN, it's just taken her up another notch, and her having that capability, she is known statewide, nationwide as a speaker.

SUSIE AMICK: Loyola has given me confidence that there is nothing I can choose to pursue that I cannot succeed in with good support, encouragement, trust, and faith.