From the Perspective of MSN Faculty

Former program director Dr. Mary Oriol shares her perspective on what makes the Loyola New Orleans online program great and why she chose to teach here.

Video Transcript:

MARY D. ORIOL: Well, I started off wanting to be a nurse, taking care of people. That's all I wanted. When I came to Loyola, that was really interesting, because I was leaving an administrative position with 12 hour days and phone calls day and night. And Loyola has such a deep value system and faculty that literally care for one another, that it was very attractive to me. Nurses, while they are the biggest part of any health care organization, they have to work with every other cost centers in that organization or the work doesn't get done.

So this health care systems approach, as opposed to a strictly nursing administration approach, was very attractive to me. And particularly, our seasoned nursing managers that come back into this program to get a master's degree will tell you that that's one of their favorite things about it is that it is the broad systems approach, as opposed to the strictly nursing administration approach.

And so we have taken Jesuit pedagogy, those core values, and tried to incorporate those into our courses at the graduate level.