Engaging with Loyola’s Faculty

Students share how they were able to interact with faculty, despite not seeing them in a classroom or face-to-face.

Video Transcript:


NICOLE CARTIER: The instructors were amazing. They were always available, either via phone, fax, email. There would be times I'd be doing homework at 3 o'clock in the morning. I'd shoot an email to my instructor asking a question, and at 3:05, I received an answer.

MARY D. ORIOL: We have a superior faculty. I will tell you that. Our faculty are so committed to what they do. And so often, you're going to hear the faculty say, well, this is what the student needs. So I'm going to spend that extra time. I'm going to work over into the summer to get this student through.

LAURIE BROWN: The professors, I believe, really instill that quality of managing yourself, doing the research, promoting growth. And at the time, I was a clinical manager. I was able to bring that into my role-- knowing how to manage with others, the diplomacy of management, how to seek answers.

The professors were really great about getting back to you timely. I could call professors and I certainly did. Sometimes, I would reach them; they'd be shopping in the store. But they'd always give you your time.

MARY D. ORIOL: There's a measure of excellence that is always expected. We, as faculty, expect that of one another. And so we set the bar pretty high for our students. But for those students that are willing to commit to that, we're willing to bend over backwards to help them.