What’s Great about the Loyola New Orleans MSN?

Hear more about what students love about the online MSN program, including their thoughts on peers and professors.

Video Transcript:

WARREN P. HERBERT: It has been my fellow students.

STUDENT: From day one, the professors, they worked with me, they challenged me.

KIMBERLEE DAVIS: Found the Jesuit curriculum very evident in all of my classes. All of my professors, it was a big priority to them to incorporate that into our didactic, and I appreciated that in in each and every class.

MICHAEL ARCHULETTA: Feedback that I got from my instructors, constant feedback, which was great. I felt that I would not get that feedback, being that it was an online class and I never saw my instructor, but I did get that constant feedback and assurance that I was doing a good job in the class, and I did learn a lot.

WARREN P. HERBERT: The folks that come from across the country from a very broad spectrum of different experiences, different geographic locales, I think that anybody who's considering Loyola should consider that to be one of the main attributes of the program, is that you've got lots of great fellow students from all over, and that's been a real joy.

ELIZABETH SANFORD-RICHMOND: I never had an issue with getting online, and I've been able to travel all over the country as I've been going to school, and as long as I had a smartphone or a laptop or an iPad, I was able to go to school and it didn't matter where I was, if I was in Colorado in Breckenridge and the family was outside skiing I was probably in the room going to school, at least for a little while. It took that kind of dedication, but the convenience of being able to go online was just, it was incredible.

JOE ALEXANDER: If you want to be the one out there helping to make decisions that are going to affect how healthcare is done for years to come, then you need to actually have the credentials behind you to say that you're qualified to help make those decisions, and so where you come from actually does help.