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Nursing Burnout Triggers and Coping Strategies

It’s a reality that burnout is high in the nursing profession. Compassion fatigue and just basic physical weariness take their toll. But with the right strategies, those in the nursing profession can cope and thrive.

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What Makes a Hospital Nurse-Friendly?

Nurses in the job market are looking for positive, uplifting, nurse-friendly environments, where they can help people and grow in their own careers. There are a few things that nurses can look for as they look for places to work.

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The Top 4 Countries for Volunteer Nursing Opportunities Abroad

Nursing can be an incredibly rewarding career, perhaps even more so when the patients you're tending to are residents of a country where they otherwise might never have received the attention and care you've volunteered your time and talents to make possible.

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Applying the Nursing Process in a Real-World Clinical Setting

Nurses spend many years of their lives studying to get their advanced nursing degree and learning the important concepts that they need to master in order to function successfully.

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Explore Nursing Specialties in Women’s Health

There are many health issues that afflict women exclusively, such as those pertaining to reproductive health, or that afflict women more significantly than men, such as heart disease.

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How to Stop Nurse Bullying

Nurse bullying is a serious problem that compromises the quality of patient care, decreases job satisfaction among nurses, and contributes to a loss of productivity overall. In order to deal with this issue, professionals in this field must understand why bullying occurs and take the necessary steps to prevent it.

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The Proper Nurse-Patient Ratio and Quality of Care

According to the Journal of Nursing, multiple research studies have demonstrated that an inadequate nurse-patient ratio can increase the chance of adverse outcomes for pa

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