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Loyola University New Orleans Online Nursing Programs

Scholarship Winner

Practicing nursing for the last 17 years has provided me with the foundations to make changes in today’s health care industry. I started my nursing career at Touro Infirmary in New Orleans. Thereafter, I enrolled in the midwifery program at NYU Graduate School. After the attacks on the World Trade Center, I withdrew to reduce my exposure to NYC. Incidentally, I started working on a high risk obstetrical unit. Shortly thereafter, I assumed a charge roll overseeing the daily/nightly operations where I discovered a love for management.

Pursue a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Systems Management

Receiving the $4,500 scholarship from Loyola University while pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing, during the 33 year celebration of nursing education, would be a tremendous blessing to my entire family. As a single parent, my two kids and I have learned to make the most of everything. Not only will it help to relieve a financial burden, but it will also provide peace of mind while focusing on what most is important- putting forth 100% at being a successful student. I am currently repaying large student loans from my undergraduate studies.

On a Mission to Improve Healthcare

Nursing was always my first choice, but oddly not my first career. Before becoming a nurse I worked in cross-cultural matters, project management, public relations and lived overseas for two years. These opportunities have greatly contributed towards my growth as a nurse. I have come to define nursing as the act of genuine caring that promotes healing and learning. It embraces the open-mindedness that every individual, even ourselves, has needs that cannot always be learned from a book, but can be understood by human interaction.

Nursing from Within

Nursing denotes a selfless way of extending ourselves for those in need. Basically, it's not just a mere profession but rather a sincere calling.

Eversince I was a kid, I dreamed of helping people in simple ways as much as I can. To gladly extend a helping hand, and to reach for those who are in need of it. Hence, I find myself drawn to the noble and modest profession of nursing.

Nursing is My Life

Nursing is my life has been for the past twelve years. I entered nursing as a second career choice after spending several years in retail/management. When entering my nursing vocation, I had intended obtaining a BSN. However, the school I applied to put me on a waiting list. I could not believe my dilemma as I had put the brakes on a retail management career to attend nursing school.

The Rest of My Life.

When I set out to get a degree in nursing, I intended to work in the little bayou town where I raised my children. Since becoming an RN, we have moved to uptown New Orleans and all three of my children as well as one son-in-law, have changed their college majors to nursing. Nursing has changed our lives including helping my children focus on the course that their own lives will take.

My Life Mission

I have always wanted to pursue a career that would influence and impact the lives of others in a positive way, and allow a sense of fulfillment, contentment and peace. I believe that in life, we have a duty to pass on the good that we have been blessed with and the knowledge that we have acquired. To me, being a nurse also means that I will be allowed the opportunity to serve in a world filled with pain and suffering; the opportunity to make use of empathy, love and sympathy that lies deep in the human heart.

Nursing: It's more than a job. It's a calling.

Nursing is more than a job or a career to me, it is a vocation; a calling by God to serve his people with the Love of Christ. I have always used this philosophy when caring for my patients. Nursing should be a way to care for the sick with the love, compassion, and kindness that God shows each of us.

When my patients are having a difficult time or feel anxious, I pray for them and ask if they would like me to pray with them. I have seen this simple act take away all fear and anxiety in them. I have seen the power of prayer heal my patients.

Generational Nursing Leadership

Nurses continue to be the most trusted profession as indicated in annual surveys. This attests to the collective contributions nurses make across the spectrum as they care for patients, families and communities. Nurses are on the front line of health care delivery and will play a valuable role in overhauling the healthcare system. The trusted voice of nurses is exactly what it will take to reform. In as much, the composition of the workforce is changing dramatically.


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Doctor Mary Oriol

“I was drawn to Loyola because of the Jesuit principle of cura personalis, which emphasizes the formation of the unique person in his or her entirety. The experience of working and learning with students in their development as nursing leaders is most rewarding.”

Dr. Mary Oriol, Associate Professor