Actional Leadership

The online Master of Science in Nursing with specialization in Health Care Systems Management (MSN-HCSM) at Loyola University New Orleans will be the perfect way to create new opportunities in my nursing career. Nursing today is so much more than just working at the bedside. We impact people in many ways and in numerous environments. When I consider what nursing means to me and weigh all the experiences, situations, relationships, and learning opportunities associated with this profession, I have to ask, where do I sign up and what's next?

Loyola will cultivate and strengthen what I believe are the four important leadership characteristics. First, social intelligence means that a leader needs to have the ability to work with people. Frequently, a leader must weigh and work with diverse opinions and tempers. More than anyone else, I believe a leader has to have social skills in order to be communicative, to express oneself with clarity and objectiveness, and to have a good relationship with the ones she leads. Second, initiative and the recognition that not always does a leader have to be the first one to have an idea, but she should be the one who is always seeking for new solutions. She does not need to know all the answers, but it is important that she has the initiative to make them appear. Third, being a role model for others through passion and integrity. Fourth, have the ability and wherewithal to inspire others. I think it is essential for a leader to inspire others, so that they could be motivated to keep working, and to want more for themselves. Being a leader is about inspiring others to be a leader too, not just followers. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.