Amor Fati: "Love of One's Fate"

As a newly employed LPN professor I feel like I found my niche in nursing even though teaching has been a very challenging yet rewarding experience thus far. I am passionate about nursing and to be able to teach students this art is an indescribable feeling that brings me much joy. As nurses we are truly the patients advocate providing competent care to those who are in a vulnerable state in their lives is what made me love my work for the past five years.

To envision that one day I can gain access to a bigger university and teach a wider range of students is my ultimate goal in life. To be that person that opens my students' eyes to show them how much their compassion brings comfort to those who have been devastated by a debilitating disease is what makes drives me to obtain this degree. I am fully motivated to learn because I get to turn around and teach what I know to students who will literally one day save someone's life. To have that responsibility to educate and train these students is what I yearn for and this degree will give me the tools needed to do the best job possible.

I do want to graduate from a school that is ranked top five in the nation because I want to be part of an institution that is dedicated to pursuing excellence. Furthermore, as I looked over the rigorous curriculum I see how much of the actual coursework coincides with my own personal educational goals that I aim to fulfill. This MSN with specialization in Health Care System Management degree from Loyola University is the best fit for me as I start this new and exciting chapter in my life. Thank you for your consideration.