Care and Devotion

The practice of both an art and science is a balancing act very few professions can claim, yet that is what nurses do every day. For me the practice of nursing is not my profession, but my calling. I believe that even before I knew I was called to practice I was being prepared to practice. The study of liberal arts and cardiac science, combined with a practical, traditional hospital based nursing education has given me a holistic perspective of not only the individual patient, but of the overall health care system. I am also in the unique position of caring for a magical, medically fragile special child. The blended role of \"nurse-mom\" is what has really made nursing become my calling, not just my profession. I believe that nursing is a demonstration of the Divine\'s care and devotion to us as evidenced by our care and devotion to one another, whether it is our own family, patients, community or organization.

I know that obtaining the MSN degree will round out my professional training. I am currently the Clinical Resource Nurse in a small community in North Carolina. Consistently providing evidence based practice has made our facility out perform neighboring large systems. Yet with the health care changes rapidly approaching I know that to better serve my community I need to have further training in administration, fiscal responsibility and leadership. The program at Loyola, with it\'s focus on management, will provide me with the skill set I need as a nursing leader and educator to help keep our facility\'s high performance standards. I am committed to our small community and believe that all areas, whether rural, urban or suburban, deserve excellent health care.