For me, nursing is a second career after many years in the pharmaceutical industry. While I have spent my entire life in the health sciences, I have found no more rewarding career than that of nursing. Every day I am able to positively impact patient's health and their families. Being an intensive care nurse, I care for patients and their families at perhaps the most difficult time of their lives. An analogy I like to use is that I am the co-pilot within the healthcare team helping patients land safely after experiencing a rough patch of turbulence in their well being. It is a privilege to help patients through those troubling and confusing times whether it be providing direct bedside care or offering a hand to a family member in a time of grief. It is with this that I go to bed each night with pride and a sense of accomplishment knowing I helped someone through a challenging time on their road to recovery. I fall asleep thinking how lucky I am to have found such a great field to be a part of; wishing I would have discovered nursing sooner!

My career goal is to earn my Master's degree in Nursing with a specialization in Health Care Systems Management to further my management career. I want to take that next step in influencing healthcare outcomes at a broader level within our health system. With the resources and educational experiences obtained at Loyola University, I will be better able to shape hospital policy and lead within the institution at which I work as it moves towards its goal of Magnet status.