Dedication and Loyalty

I have been a Registered Nurse for the past eleven years and a military spouse for the last four. The combination of the two has presented amazing experiences as well as valuable lessons. My husband taught me the importance of dedication and loyalty towards both our family and our country. Nursing in its own right depends on the dedication and loyalty of the individuals that choose to enter the profession.

The experiences that have shaped my nursing career are the ones that have demanded the most. The hours spent at a bedside with a family for their baby?s first breath and the minutes that a baby has needed support for her last have been the most influential. The dedication it takes to acquire the skills to remain loyal to the needs of the patient is the basis of nursing practice.

It is of utmost importance that nurses are dedicated to working closely with the other members of the healthcare team. Loyalty to patients, staff, and family members creates a positive working environment in an ever changing healthcare system. It is necessary to have healthcare leaders interested in and capable of maintaining the dedication and loyalty that is required.

In order to achieve my goal of becoming a strong leader in the nursing profession, it is vital to further my education and obtain a Master's Degree in Nursing in Health Systems Management. I possess the necessary attributes to be a competent, dedicated, compassionate, and loyal leader in the nursing profession. I aspire to obtain the necessary tools to play an effective and vital leadership role for patients, family members, administrators, and nursing staff.