Leading A Purposeful Life

As a Surgical Nurse, I am the patient's most important advocate - I speak for my patients' needs when they can't. I feel very strongly that with an MSN-HCSM from Loyola University, I will have the ability to take that advocacy into Healthcare environments that need leadership; leadership that can balance the needs of the shareholders with the caregivers.

As a former Flight Attendant, my annual "Purser" training taught me how to manage the needs of the Company, the Crew, the Customer and the Captain. Those years of professional problem-solving made my transition into Surgical Nursing a logical move.

Balancing the needs of the Staff with the Surgeon and operating System; the planning of a surgery takes a similar course as planning an airplane flight. Both fields require constant communication, collaboration, and, face competition within a complicated, ever-changing global system.

As a BSN student, I was selected for Sigma Theta Tau, the International Nursing Society, and, received a "Community Leadership Award" from the Nursing Department for single-highhandedly mounting a Community Health Fair at the University during my Senior Year. Leading groups with diverse interests towards one goal was daunting, yet easily surmountable, with organization, vision, and knowledge of how the system would work most effectively.

Now, as a Nurse approaching 50, I identify closely with Erickson "Generativity vs. Stagnation". I participate in the Ochsner Health System "Clinical Ladder" program, volunteer as a Medical Professional, and find rewarding Community involvement as an active Board member, New Orleans Chapter 1902 President-Elect and current State Treasurer for AORN, the Association of Peri Operative Nurses. "Leading a Purposeful Life is my personal mission, and Loyola is my chosen Leader!

Ramie Miller, BSN, RN, CNOR