Leading by Serving

MSN in the healthcare systems administration with emphasis in Case Management would broaden my knowledge base in nursing.

Case Management has become a vital part of the nursing profession as health care costs continue to rise and payer institutions such as Medicare are demanding to see tangible results and mitigation of risks from facilities involved.. Having worked as a certified case manager for the past two years, with the insurance industry, I believe an MSN in this field would help me understand current trends in Case Management whilst preparing me to be prepared for challenges in the future in view of healthcare reforms and demographic changes in the population of the United States.

My understanding of nursing is a holistic view of the person and realizing that despite evidence-based medicine and protocols, we deal with individuals from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds. As such, I believe the nursing, patient relationship can have a therapeutic effect. This was evidenced during my previous master's thesis at Mankato State University. I focused on understanding the impact immigration had on the health, education and social status of African women who had recently immigrated to the United States. My data was based on a sample of Somali and Sudanese women from the Blue Earth County. These women had difficulty understanding differences in the health care delivery systems or what to do to enjoy better health in their new country until social workers worked with case managers to help create a step by step framework they could apply.

As evidenced by great leaders such as Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, President Lincoln, we get fulfilled by serving others, so I believe I have an important part to play by serving my generation in this way.