The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Nursing is more than just an occupation, it is a commitment. After working in various healthcare settings, I have especially found this to be true as a nurse educator. Obtaining a Master's Degree in Healthcare Systems Management from Loyola University will provide me with the tool I need to improve my community by providing a solid foundation for future nurses.

My first Practical Nursing instructor position ended after a year and a half. I worked for a private institution that closed its doors because of financial hardship, unfortunately giving both students and instructors little notice. The instructors were lost with no income or job stability. The second semester nursing students were left with confusion and questioning their future nursing career. By the grace of God, another school within the community accepted the nursing students in and provided them with a means to finish their nursing education. I was hired as the instructor to help get these students through a tough and challenging road ahead.

With both past and current students I push them to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter what challenges you face, or obstacles you have to endure, your focus should be the reward at the end. I try to instill in them anything worth having is worth fighting for. Since I have been at my current facility, within a year and a half, I have acquired the role of just not a practical nursing instructor, but also the program coordinator. Obtaining my degree from Loyola will give me the background I need to expand our allied health department at my facility. My goal, along with the campus administration, is to incorporate a registered nurse program. With my degree, I will be in the forefront of this wonderful project.