MSN Scholarship application

November 30, 2012

Years past, before internet and cell phones, I placed my toe in the waters of nursing education. This ignited a passion and energy that has not been equaled since. Nursing snuck up on me as a career choice during a time when youth, choices and consequences were swirling. I was fortunate to be surrounded by a circle of caring and insightful folks who recognized in me what I could not see in myself.

This crazy story of life events gradually evolved to become a tapestry of color that was truly the very foundation of my success as a caregiver. I believe that not all of being a nurse professional is about education and degrees. However, while I have worked very hard to acquire the skills that have enabled me to be a truly effective leader today I have limits in my scope of knowledge.

I have confidence that there is a reason for my story and the experiences over the years. I will be able to assimilate this together into quite a package of resource and talent that allows me to contribute to nursing in a way that is uniquely mine. I will continue to deepen my leadership maturity and evolve into a nurse educator with a post master's certificate.

The program offers knowledge that I cannot acquire solely on my own. Loyola, as I have known from previous experience is dedicated to preserving the essence of nursing and imparting that vision across all their program content. Loyola's history and foundation is set apart from most programs and most closely aligns with my own value system and standards of integrity. I am confident that I have made the best choice in academic advancement.