My Life Mission

I have always wanted to pursue a career that would influence and impact the lives of others in a positive way, and allow a sense of fulfillment, contentment and peace. I believe that in life, we have a duty to pass on the good that we have been blessed with and the knowledge that we have acquired. To me, being a nurse also means that I will be allowed the opportunity to serve in a world filled with pain and suffering; the opportunity to make use of empathy, love and sympathy that lies deep in the human heart.

In pursuing this Master's Degree with emphasis in Health Care Systems Management, one of my aspirations is to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to improve the Nursing Home System. I have had the opportunity to work and volunteer in various facilities and I would like to make it my mission to improve the conditions in some of these facilities for both residents and employees alike. My goal is to set a standard that other nursing facilities will follow, and provide continued improvements in patient care, especially to our elderly and destitute patients.

As a nurse, I embrace the words of Daisaku Ikeda, educator, writer, Buddhist Philosopher, peace builder and religious leader: "A life lived without purpose or value, the kind in which one doesn't know the reason why one was born, is joyless and lackluster. On the other hand: to do, create or contribute something that benefits others, society and ourselves, and to dedicate ourselves as long as we live to that challenge- that is a life of true satisfaction, of value".