"No Single Definition" What Nursing Means To Me

My favorite definition of bravery is "running towards a problem when everyone else is running away." For me, this is not only an excellent definition for bravery but the definition of a diligent nurse. Bravery, pride and selflessness encompass all aspects of nursing. Nurses are expected to provide quality care for patients in need. An exceptional nurse goes above and beyond the call of duty daily. We care for patients who are experiencing some of the most life altering situations imaginable. We enter into the unknown on a daily basis and sort through the most frightening situations and find solutions. As nurses we thrive in these environments, exuding perseverance and tenacity while serving the medical community. We put our personal needs and fears aside with the primary goal of meeting and exceeding the patient's expectations.

Personally, my experiences as a nurse have been rewarding and life enhancing. I have the ability to provide comfort and care for people during the happiest and most difficult times of their lives. Nurses have the unique opportunity to shape a patient's experience by exhibiting the true altruism that we all possess. The complex nature of nursing means that there is no single definition for our role. We strive daily to meet a variety of needs in an efficient and effective manner.

As I obtain a MSN in Health Care System Management, I will be provided with the knowledge to understand the inner workings of healthcare systems and be given a larger resource platform. I will use this platform as a nursing leader to ensure that nurses are provided the resources needed to continue to give the highest quality care. I look forward to obtaining the knowledge and additional training needed to continue my journey as a highly qualified nursing professional.