The Nurse's role in Effecting Change

As a young child riding in the back seat of my parent's 1969 Pontiac, I declared "I'm gonna be a nurse!"

As a young woman, being a nurse meant, "taking care of patients". However, with maturity comes the revelation that nurses are teachers, caretakers, confidants, mentors and advocates. We teach, educate and inform every day. We advocate for our fellow citizens, neighbors, friends and family. From patients in a healthcare facility to family sitting on the sofa, our experience and knowledge are eagerly sought. How many of us haven't had a call from a desperate neighbor, family member or friend in need of advice, a calming voice, a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on.

And though many may not work in a direct healthcare setting, there is a single, common bond that brings us together in unity and collaboration. We are, and will always be, "a nurse".

Years will pass and lives will change. However, one thing remains constant, the pride of being a nurse.

Despite my success in the various roles and enjoying my present career, I have fallen short when pursuing leadership roles. Furthering my education will afford me the ability to earn the leadership and/or mentoring roles that I deserve.

The academic principles gained will afford me the ability to proudly share my leadership abilities, grounded in the cultural base of being a nurse.

Additionally, when my professional days come to an end, possessing a respected degree from Loyola University will allow me to stand side by side with my colleagues from around the world as we represent our time-honored profession, create change and continue to touch peoples’ lives.