Nursing is My Life

Nursing is my life has been for the past twelve years. I entered nursing as a second career choice after spending several years in retail/management. When entering my nursing vocation, I had intended obtaining a BSN. However, the school I applied to put me on a waiting list. I could not believe my dilemma as I had put the brakes on a retail management career to attend nursing school.

When discovering that would not be able to obtain a BSN at the university of my choice, I called the local community college and was informed that they had one spot left as one student had decided to not attend nursing school at that time. Nursing school, for the most part went smoothly. In addition, I have been working in the one of the local emergency departments as a staff nurse since graduating in 2002.

I love my job. I really do. Some days can be so hard, though. Some days are physically and emotionally exhausting. Patients have been physically and verbally abusive. Nevertheless, I do not mind, as I know most patients are not having their best day if they are sitting in an emergency room. I have also have been thanked numerous times by patients and their family members.

It is now time in my life for another chapter. I would like to move into nursing administration. I am however, lacking a BSN. I could find a local or online RN to BSN program, to meet my needs. However, I like the sound of a MSN from Loyola University of New Orleans much better. When I finish at Loyola New Orleans, I will have my nursing license, two associate's degrees, a BS degree, an MBA and an MSN with a specialization in Health Care System Management.